No one government ever can regulate you.          

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  Nobody can withdraw the collected on bank's smartcontract Ethereum (the bank's capital) in a different way, except sells deposit certificates back to the bank!

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Use the first fully autonomous, profitable for depositors, based on smart contract, totally transparent nonprofit Elections Market Savings Bank, feel the future!

Elections Market Savings Bank will be open until 07:00:16 UTC 26 January 584942417355th year 🚀👾 of the Common Era due to 64-bit version of the Unix time stamp.

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Everybody anytime can conduct of audit of financial statements of Elections Market Savings Bank.
Audited statements can be reviewed by any outside parties to ensure the bank's accuracy and completeness.

Elections Market Savings Bank have open source code available - it is the guarantee that there are no backdoors.
The source codes are publicly available and people can be sure there are no backdoors in a code.

Positive terms of Service

  Elections Market Savings Bank offers open-source solution for avoiding regulated banking and banking collapses.   There is no law stronger then the code. No one government ever can regulate Elections Market Savings Bank.

  Elections Market Savings Bank strictly does not accept any currencies produced with the legal sanction of states or governments and will never do. Elections Market Savings Bank does not require nor citizenship status nor customer's documents.

  Everybody can sale Certificates of Deposit back to bank and receive the collected in smartcontract ETH. Max to sell by 1 function's call is 100 000 assets (8 ETH).

  Save your assets in your account and they will generate returns for you with the extremely high interest rate:
Elections Market Savings Bank offers an interest rate up to 2% per day for deposits (basically 1% per day for deposits 1st year since opening, 0.25% daily since 2nd year and 0.08% daily since 3rd year until the end of the world).

  Elections Market Bank automatically generates returns for older and new users by increase M1 total supply untill it reaches in circulating the max of supply level equal to 1 500 000 000. Even after this will happen everybody can decrease total supply by burning his own balances or by spending in Voting, Dice, Options, doubled deposits.. and generation of bank's returns will continue.

  Business activities, profit of financial trading and received by bank fees do not give any profit for investors and developers, but decrease the total amount of assets in circulation.

  Elections Market Savings Bank provides Binary Trading. The fraud-less transparent binary option on Unix Timestamp.
If the next timestamp will be even, the timestamp binary option wins. If odd - bet is burned from supply.

  Elections Market Savings Bank provides transparent counting depersonalized votes technology for people's choice voting.
Electoral transparency. Your Vote can change everything!

  There is no way for developers or anybody else withdraw ETH from the bank's smartcontract (the bank's capital) in a different way, except sell the assets back to the bank!

  There is no law stronger then the code. No one government ever can regulate Elections Market Savings Bank. Released Election Transparency. Crypto-anarchy. Digital money.

 Save your money in your account and it will the next
584 942 415 337 years generate returns for you with the predictable interest rate. Through the
function ''Deposit_double_sum_paid_from_the_balance'' Elections Market Savings Bank offers an interest rate 2 % per day (!) for deposits (1st year since opening), 0.5% daily since 2nd year and 0.16% daily since 3rd year until the end of the world.

Elections Market Savings Bank offers open-source solution for avoiding electoral fraud practices

Everybody can take part and check everything in fully transparent election process

With the help of our technology, you can take part in the fully transparent 2018 Russian presidential election

  • Алексей Навальный / Alexei Navalny0
  • Владимир Путин / Vladimir Putin0
  • Владимир Жириновский / Vladimir Zhirinovsky0
  • Виталий Бутерин / Vitaliy Buterin0
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  Pending accrued interest (stake reward) is burned automatically every time certificates been transfered by holders. Only Vote and Donate functions is an exception to this rule.
  So when you withdraw certificates from exchanges into your account the collected by exchanges accrued interest is automatically irretrievably burned. In this way the stake rewards do not take into your account the length of time certificates are hold in third-party exchanges.

  There is an easy form to interact with Ethereum. You are able to make all the transactions and still stay in direct contact with your money within the Ethereum system.

  Smartcontract is a contract that is managed only by software, including all the terms and conditions. It is a code, deployed in Ethereum system and work automatically when you call it. EMSBank is one of these smartcontracts.

  All of your transactions through EMSbank stay within your single Ethereum account. This makes it easier and safer to use your on-line banking.

  Do you want to learn how to use Ethereum smartcontacts in one lesson?

  If you don't have ETH yet, you can use a simple exchange

  When you want to save Ethereum money you simply hold it, or you can easily invest this money to earn a profit.

  You can invest any amount of money in EMSbank smartcontract. A single gwei or a thousand ETH have the same fees and safety. The money you put in EMSBank smartcontract will increase automatically with a daily fixed interest rate.

  By this study you will know how to safely make money from your investment in Ethereum. You will learn how to interact with smartcontract and earn money.

  Lesson soon will be uploaded in our Youtube channel.

  This video shows how you can interact with the contracts, Ethereum contracts on (or .

  For that, go to this Then click on the "Contacts" link over there.

  There, it will display all the contracts in this drop-down. Contracts that have been deployed will be available there.

  Using click on the "Copy Contract address" link over there. Paste it. The same with the "Copy ABI" link. Then click on "access".

  After that, here there it will display "Read/Write Contract".

  So here you can select the different functions that this particular contract exposes, and you can select any of these functions.

  You can just click on that "buy" method, and then start a deposit using this contract.

  So there are a lot of functions that you can access from here. At the end, you will have to unlock your wallet and do this stuff (to use wallet).

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